Ark Encounters - Oct. 26-27

Please be advised that we will be going to Williamton, Kentucky on October 26th and

returning in the evening on October 27th, to the Noah's Ark Encounter Museum. Joy McCole

was kind enough to offer to make a van available for us from her company at a substantial

discount.  Tickets for the Noah's Ark tour are $48.00 for adults, $38.00 for seniors, kids

under 18 are a little less. They do have motorized scooters for people having trouble

walking long or short term.  I believe they are $33.00 a piece, about 75 of them, first 

come first serve.  I am still trying to nail down the costs of the motel for one night.


Please let us know if you wish to go. The tour last about 4-5 hours, very interesting,

informative and eye opening.  We should have room for about 12-15.

Contact Pastor Ron for more information.

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